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Lugansk interpreter

Oral translators and interpreters provided for business and private tours to Lugansk Ukraine. English - Russian, Ukrainian interpreting services in Luhansk.

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Interpreting services for business negotiations, conferences, etc.
Business Interpretation in Lugansk city Ukraine.

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Airport pick up, apartment rentals, booking of plane or train tickets, travel arrangements in Luhansk.

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English - Russian and Ukrainian translation and interpretation services provided to foreigners in Lugansk Ukraine. Visiting services and Professional Language Translation Services for Business meetings .

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Welcome to Lugansk Ukraine Interpreting Company !

We offer professional interpreters, translators and guides in Lugansk for travellers and foreigners visiting Ukraine. Qualified interpreters provided for negotiations and private appointments will instantly break the language barrier. Skilled interpreters for your business settings and private meetings!

* Lugansk Interpreter and Guide Services in detail:
* Consecutive Interpreting Russian (Ukr.) - English.
* Casual Interpreting Russian (Ukr.) - English.
* Consecutive Interpreting services for business.
* Private English-speaking Guide in Lugansk.

Luhansk Interpreting Services are available in Lugansk, Ukraine and region at basic rates and no extra charge.Our interpreters know both Russian and Ukrainian languages which is the best solution for private and business meetings in Ukraine. Lugansk Interpreters will help you to overcome all the language barriers in Ukraine.


Flexible rates for Lugansk Interpreter services:
Flat daily rate and per hour based rates are available for our clients. Unlike our competitors - the required minimum is only 2 hours. Flat daily rate stands for 8 business hours of translation services. We can also provide good discounts.

We connect you with professional interpreters and translators in Lugansk. Our clients are happy with interpreters, guides and translation assistance making their visit to Ukraine more comfortable.

The main idea of our service is not only to have competitive rates but to take care of people travelling to Lugansk, Ukraine. We help people with oral translations, airport pick up, apartment rentals, and that's not all ! Our hospitality and attention are always at your service.